Dating stanley 110 plane

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If you've come to this page looking for hand plane restoration and tuning instructions, or the photo galleries of the tools I've collected, that information has all been moved because this page was growing unreasonably large.

Stanley established a little shop in New Britain, Connecticut to manufacture door bolts and other hardware from wrought iron.This page also has fairly complete list of good reading for folks interested in Stanley tools and vintage tools in general available in the Reference Materials section near the bottom of the page.The vintage tool data below is incomplete with regard to exact dates for each tool, but as I continue to research these old tools through various internet and print resources, I'll try to supply accurate information regarding tool "type" or date-of-manufacture. Used for smoothing and surfacing of wood, and edge jointing preparation.4½ and 5½ in 1902, designated by the letter "H" in the casting (but never offered in catalogs as such).The final addition to the line was in 1921, with the introduction of a smaller, lighter Jack plane No. Type information is based on Wood-bottom Stanley bench planes offered as an option for users hesitant to make the change from the traditional wood-with-wedged-blade plane to the new Bailey patented blade adjustment mechanism, while maintaining the look and feel of the wooden plane (hence the term "transitional").

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Stanley-Titan operated out of its factory in Tasmania.

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