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In particular, while we speak of "Buddhism" in the Japanese case, Buddhistic beliefs and practices did not historically constitute a creedal faith of the kind common to monotheistic religions; neither did it historically feature universally agreed-upon weekly liturgies (a Buddhist "Sabbath") nor, until the last few centuries, did it feature adherence to exclusively defined or otherwise well-defined sectarian organizations.The initial introduction of Buddhist images and implements to the Japanese isles is extremely difficult to date.784 ce) that Buddhist institutions began to flourish on a much larger scale and Buddhist practices came to have an impact on the general populace in the isles.Japanese monks' travel to China to study under eminent Buddhist clerics became increasingly prominent in the Nara and Early Heian (794mu and the court were supportive on a personal and broader level of the Nara Buddhist temples and to small Buddhist lineages that were developing in Nara.In addition, in this connection the immigrant family of the Hata and, apparently, other immigrant families also constructed Buddhist temples at the time.Although some of the other prominent families of the court drew their support from older families of the Japanese isles and argued that worship of Buddhist divinities would antagonize indigenous deities (kami ), the Soga's efforts may have been bolstered through patronage by Prince Taishi Shtoku seem to have seen buddhas and bodhisattvas as beings who offered a variety of benefits so long as they were approached through appropriate ritual.

He also sponsored new monastic and other envoys to China and welcomed the related advent of new lineages of Japanese Buddhism.Indeed, it would seem that most in the court saw the buddhas and bodhisattvas as similar to the native kami in their perceived capacity to offer a variety of benefits (riyaku ).Discourses concerning karma, rebirth, and enlightenment seem to have been virtually absent during this early era.823), indicates that many in the capital as well as regional areas believed in karma and related discourses like rebirth and indebtedness.Such developments may have been related to the activities of figures like Gy Thus, karma, rebirth, and notions of enlightenment were increasingly prominent among the larger populace, while the court, given its patronage of official Nara Buddhism, was clearly cognizant of such teachings and the Buddhist cosmology, which was distinct from that represented in the court mytho-histories concerning the ancestral kami of the ruling family.

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First, it is clear that women of the court, particularly during the Nara period, were powerful sponsors of Buddhist activities.

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