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This list makes us sad, but it also may turn you on. Although they are in pretty hot water for their dark, dastardly deeds. Here we have Maeghan Rice, a young girl who got into some serious trouble.

Honestly, this young woman looks to be no older than 20 years of age, but who knows?

Seriously, she looks like she is barely out of her teens. She was nabbed for both drug possession and identity theft. You should have put more effort into sticking to values instead of spending your energy on your hair and makeup, Carmen! Crystal Clamenza definitely looks like she has some spicy flavor in her blood lines. Why do all of the attractive girls seem to be bad news? When will pretty women realize that they do not need to act out to offset their good looks? Make wise choices, people, or no one will ever see your gorgeousness without there being bars in front of it! Yet another girl who goes for the sideways boob shot on her profile. She violated her parole, showing that she was already a bad girl in the first place.

Whatever Crystal Clamenza did, it wasn’t good, and now she is paying the price. And Miss Amy sure is well-endowed, if we do say so ourselves. Her photo shows a tight white T-shirt over some breasts that are seriously being held back. Her smile is delightful and she looks like a genuinely nice person. Seriously, this young woman looks like a serious piece of work.

Not to be rude, but we thought that Asians were raised in stricter households and knew not to cross authority.

Perhaps Jamie Yoshimura was just spending too much time with troublesome American kids. And she looks way too fragile to be behind bars with some scary and insensitive inmates. Apparently she says she is looking for “someone who has direction in their life.” Wow, you sure are one to talk, Jamie.

Oh man, Jessica Mc Kay looked as if she had everything going for her. Pretty hefty charges for someone who is supposed to be a caring mother.

I have long dark hair, seductive hazel eyes, weigh 135 lbs., 5′ 6″ tall, curves in all the right places. A rare blend of beauty & brains, sophistication & sex appeal, passion & excitement! Age: 41 Seeking: An honest, loyal, funny, understanding individual who is non-judgmental, who is willing to build a friendship and company during this time and longer, possibly more. Receiving mail is the highlight of my days but as times goes by I’m left in the “out of sight, out of mind” category. And while her child’s face is cut off (assuming for their own protection,) we can bet that Jessica was actually a really good mother to her babe.It’s stories like this that make us super sad and sorry for people! I am looking for outgoing, exciting and kind hearted individuals to write., then you are going to be interested in our rankings here.

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