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I sit on the bed and reach to gently touch the bruise causing the hockey player to hiss in pain before recoiling my hand."I'm sorry, Elsa.

I walked to the other side of the girls' dormitory and I find myself standing outside of the hockey player's door. What if Elsa wants nothing to do with me after everything that happened between us?

I didn't mean to snap at you; I'm really tired right now but it wasn't right to be mean to you. please" Elsa said apologetically."It's okay, Elsa but I wanted to talked to you about the hockey team and apologize to you" I said sitting down on the edge of the bed."Apologize for what? I'm sorry for all of it" I said ashamed."Anna, you didn't force me to join the hockey team.

" Elsa asked confused."Apologize for not being a very good friend to you over the last few years. I joined because I'm good at it and I wanted to do something that I love.

" Tiana asked curious."Yes because that's part of the reason and because I could've have save Elsa from all the same that she suffered through because everyone treating her like crap.

If I stood up for her at least once then I don't think she would feel the need to try out for the hockey team""Anna, I don't think Elsa joined the team to make you feel guilty about everything that has been down between you two" Tiana said putting her hand on my shoulder."Maybe so but I feels like I pushed her into in a sense.

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Elsa Frost is at the bottom of the social ladder with her friends Kristoff, Eric and Flynn. I know that I haven't been a good friend to last few years with me being the head cheerleader and the hockey player being who she is.

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