Dating from the christian perspective

Posted by / 16-Aug-2020 16:48

Dating from the christian perspective

This weekend I had the privilege of attending the Winter Leadership Summit, hosted by Cru.I went a number of seminars held by missionaries and leaders on staff with Cru, including one hosted by John and Kerri Schneider, two of the wonderful directors on USF’s campus.

Genesis 2 shows us the only ideal marriage without sin and the only ideal relationship leading up to marriage, although it was admittedly very short!If the foundation of your house is crooked, so will the structure be that’s built on it.If the foundation of your life is cracked and lopsided, so will anything you build on it such as a romantic relationship. When it comes time to start looking for someone to date, make sure you look for someone that loves Jesus more than you. It often works the other way, where the non-Christian quickly drags the Christian into sin and away from Christ.That would be sin to make an authoritative prescription.It would also be sinful to think if I read my Bible daily before my time with my girlfriend, then God is obligated to bless the relationship. I am only offering this practical application of the principle, to prioritize your relationship with God over your relationship with any other human, even a spouse.

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We end up looking to the one we date to make us feel important, to give us a sense of wellbeing, and bring pleasure into our lives. They’ll be mad at us for trying to make us fill a place in our lives that only God can fill. But this is often the real root of many painful breakups.