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Dating clay pipes

This distinct feature wasn’t so much of a design choice as it was a necessity.

During that time, tobacco supplies were scarce and the costs high.

The basic form of the pipe has changed little over the long history of pipe smoking, however there have been notable variations in pipe styles effecting the size of the bowl and the length of the stem.

Many of these variations were the result of fashion, but many were the result of the growing skills of pipe makers.

By 1558 tobacco smoking had been introduced to Europe.

There is little doubt that the earliest pipes came from England.

The potters soon took notice and began to produce pipes with larger bowls.Soon thereafter, potters from England and Holland adapted their craft to produce clay pipes.In the early part of the 1600’s, potters produced pipes with small bowls.And just like the mariners of the 16In the 1950s J. Harrington studied the thousands of pipe stems excavated at Jamestown and other colonial Virginia sites, noticing a definite relationship between the diameter of the pipe stem bore—or hole—and the age of the pipe of which it had been part.Louis Binford later devised a mathematical formula to refine Harrington’s method (Deetz 19).

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Face styles were also introduced during this period, featuring military and political figures.