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For instance, if you laugh in the same that her ex did, then she may label you as a cheater – just like her ex, and you will have to constantly fight against the label when you shouldn’t have to fight at all.

Also, if she is bitter then she is still focused on her ex.

It will help you and her create a solid foundation instead of a rocky one.Do you really want to date a woman who has a lot of focus on her ex still? She will still be the same woman her ex broke up with.Until she lets go of the bitterness she is not going to be able to overcome any issues that she had in the relationship and, therefore, she will carry them forward into your relationship.She may be emotionally stressed, where she becomes moody and upset for no reason.She may be physically stressed, where her body gives out consistently and gets sick.

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Add Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social outlets people have to complain and moan about their ex, and it is much easier to stay mad than it is to overcome the breakup.

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