Dating below your social class

Posted by / 08-Feb-2020 04:31

She's not that good with English kasi so I learned Filipino down to the basics kahit na nagtatagalog naman talaga ako.I learned the deep words that she always used tapos I did what I can to be more ' Filipino' kahit na Filipino naman ako.For that, look into their immediate and extended family, upbringing, education, experiences, thoughts and beliefs, etc.Remember that you’re dating the person, not their money.I always insisted that I buy her lavish things but she didn't want to, sabi nya sayang lang daw sa pera so whenever I had to give her gifts during occasions, full effort like I gave her a scrapbook of how much I love her, I learned how to sew and crochet and all types of crafts for her.She doesn't like it when I talk to her in english kahit na I always told her na doon kasi ako nasanay and I'm more comfortable with english.

Her siblings have odd jobs, and don't know how to manage money so ang ending palaging kay SO humihiram.Clarify ko lang na hindi rin naman ako super yaman, but lumaki naman ng may certain conveniences.In contrast to all the horror stories being shared, I just want to share my own experience being on both sides of the equation. I’ll tell you right now that I’ve met “rich” and “poor” people who were perfectly humble and also horribly rude. Money determines what you have and can afford, but never the person who spends it.I pay for both of our food and drinks most of the time during dates and once in a while, she offers that she be the one to pay if she has savings.I lent her money all the time since I trust her, hanggang ngayon hindi nya parin nababayaran hahaha.

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