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The Catholic group said the ad was crude and immoral and a reckless breach of an article in the civil code.

It is immoral to be publicly promoting adultery, and hurtful to infidelity’s victims.”In conservative Versailles, site of the chateau of King Louis XIV, whose mistresses are described in 11 separate Wikipedia pages, the bus company Keolis said it withdrew the ad last month after receiving 500 complaints in a week.

All we are talking about is do we need such dating websites given the fact that extramarital affairs are as common these days as air?

Come on now, put your eyes back in your socket, we are not offering any options for your beloved better half!

Monogamy has been propagated to us for centuries to maintain an order in society, but polygamy is what has been lurking beneath the surface and has slowly become the hard reality of life.

Why not make some money out of an average human’s desire to have multiple partners?

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The storm unleashed by the ads reflected a deep, though often overlooked, strain of social conservatism in France, underlined, for example, by the rise of the far-right National Front party, which in addition to railing against immigrants champions traditional family values in this nominally Roman Catholic nation.

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