Dating after breast cancer young women

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I for some reason felt compelled to tell them before we ever got to the intimate stage by saying something like Ummm, there is something I have to tell you about myself....I am not exactly normal.

But you know it never made a bit of difference to any of them or if it did they sure never let me know.

and have not been intimate with anyone since the breakup I guess as much as I wish i could say it dosent matter I still find myself not as confident as i did before bc BUt i know there are guys out there for us and I am going to find myself another one keep the faith it will happen for you julia Nov 30, 2009 AM kriserts wrote: Hi Julia, thanks for your post! When you met your old BF, how long was it before you told him about the resonstruction? Did he have to sit with it for a bit, or was he ok with it right away?

The reason I'm asking is I recently met someone and was grappling with those questions.

elizzim wrote: Hi friends, I thought I would start a new topic, since I know there MUST be others like me out there?!

In the meantime I've been checking out the possibilities on

Facing cancer did one great thing for me: it taught me that I do, really want to experience love again in my life.

I'm a very young 47, single (divorced with 2 beautiful daughters), and faced with the prospect of dating as a completely different, less confident person than I was before I last dated, before BC.

Kristi Dec 6, 2009 PM jdash wrote: wow kristi i really am trying to remember when i brought it up- first date said nothing, on the advice from a close guy friend on the 2nd date i said nothing...

then 3rd date realized we knew alot of the same people- went to his friends birthday party and I walked in and of course someone i knew screamed so loud that she barely recognized me without my wig on ! i thought oh my god everyone just heard that including my date..

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The fear about my future, the loss of my breasts, the uncertainty about how a man might react to my new breasts - all of this makes me doubt myself and my chance of finding love, even though I've always been a pretty confident woman in that department.

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