Dating a walking cliche taras space

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Matt knew it was love at first sight, and we absolutely love his version of their love story!

Even though we were both studying chemical engineering, I didn’t really know Tara until the vague memory I have of this cute girl in Fluid Dynamics who rocked the t-shirt and nike shorts flawlessly.Around the middle of July, I started texting Tara again, and ended up going to College Station for a weekend not too long after.We went to go get a drink with a couple of her friends, and at some point, I figured out that Tara was FINALLY single.However, the big Man upstairs said no no no, and made me wait just a little bit longer.The fall semester finally arrived, and honestly, I didn’t even want to talk to Tara.

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Everything lined up perfectly because of a few quirks of her’s and mine, and the mutual friendship we shared with Brooke.