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D rect cams show l ve sex

..o and was awed atthe b lliant cinematographv moody lighting and crysta clear ima! ptoducling) an intina E rcalitl so natural you nay not notice Compaq Mystery I read with dslight lre (eys, P/ease {September 2001), which reviewed the Compaq 70002 Presa o. I called Coinpaqto place 6n order and was told that Adobe Premiere was not loaded, only Studio DV.l referred the salesperson to your magazine. Ithen wentto Circut Ciq and said I wanted the computer as reviewed and the salesman said thatthey were loadinq Videowave, not Studio DV or Adobe Premiere- The monitorwas ditferent, the hard d ve capacilywas dilfercntand, in shod, itwas hardly rscognizable asthe computertested in your article. Conputer systens arc nuch note prone ta beconing superceded by newet products than anything else we teriew out best advice is thatyou do as nuch rcsearch as you can hefore you qet to the store, and get a guarcntee fiat you can rctun the nachine if hdoes not neet The Editors a I9 lrotn Videotttakel Readels Simply choose reference points on the figures to be moved.,,and mark a dot directly on the SCreen at ea Ch point, - B€.u Ereclge, E[e Nbu€, wa Bewinder Connect the Dots VGB vs.

the new video cameras out there (like Sonys DCR-TRVI7)lurnish the uset with the abilityto do stop-motion anima' tion,thus allowinq full-qrown adultsto pull outtheir childhood toys and brlnq thern to life as an "artistic endeavor.

Perhaps we've iust been luckv in not encountering line noise, but we'I delini Ely be switching to l/4-inch s Ereo plugs in otdet to take advantage of that halanced nonaual sig' nal coning out of the nixet The Editors Eating Video Doubts Amateurvideo enthusiasts like myseli hear so much about hioh'definili0n videotape and how much its €ontrast and resolution mimicfilm, but l've been dubious and hard- lfinally ate myownwords when lcame upon an adicle hiqh iqhtina Sidney Lumeth new s€ es, t0, Certer Slreef.

I had watchedthe show since its first episode info in your maqazine and have subscfibed way backtothe ea y days of video editinq.

Well,the solution isio purchase a "typical Nlini DV camera" and use it exclusively lor editin Q.

ITY OVD AI'THONNG BI'YEB'S GUIOE [ AUIH0n Y0UR0|V DVD Dn ECron S Cu I soit Y c Ro Mv P800uc I PREvt Ew l @'' IV IN BOX lrom Videomakor Readers t' Thrce-position (stereo-typel connectors are requircd lor "balanced" signals." "Foed"back Thanks for a qreat article (Feed Me, 0ctober 200l).l've been "leedinq myaudio for some time in B similarfashion.it also neans that you can often get a better and fastet conputetfot will gei an "unbalsnced" signal. Conpaq now has a Presano n00 senesthatcan be equipped for video for $t,000 less than ke Presario as of this 70002thatwe teviewed.This willptobablyworkine as Long as you keep yout cable length sho4 a point notmentioned in the afiicle. Then I reachedthe section ihatsaid the show is shot, ".--usrng rig, definition videotape... Since we reviewed and liked the 70002, h is a sood guessthatthe 8000 is also a good nachine, butin allhonesty, we can't nake that clain, since we have not yet seen or tested this newet nodel.Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.There is to be no re-sale of any merchandise, videos, video clips, or pictures purchased from any Clips4Sale® site without written consent from Clips4Sale®.

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The improved res0lts of using a directfe€d for audio are trulyworththe extru sffort.