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We feel you will be amazed with the inspiration these will bring to what your setting could be!

Johnny Rose (father) Moira Rose (mother) Alexis Rose (sister) Dee Dee (aunt) Patrick Brewer (fiancé) Stevie Budd (best friend/ex-friend with benefits) Jake (ex-boyfriend) Sebastien Raine (ex-boyfriend) David Rose is Johnny and Moira's too-cool-for-school, hipster son and the official owner of Schitt's Creek, having been gifted the town by his father Johnny as a joke on his birthday. The self-described black sheep of the family, David tries to cope with his unexpected exile with trademark bitterness.

Following this, he played several guest roles on television, including in the police drama Rookie Blue (2012) and the drama series Cracked (2013).

On-site chainsaw carving services are available as well for both the public and private sectors.

David’s wardrobe is rendered almost exclusively in black and white and contains a wide variety of sweaters.

He also frequently wears drop crotch pants and designer sneakers.

But his sarcasm belies a deep knowledge of design and aesthetic, a craftsman’s eye for detail, and an impressive business acumen; all of which he must put to use as he strives to find a place for himself in Schitt’s Creek.

Introduced as the adult son of Johnny and Moira Rose, David is a former New York City gallerist who curated many avant-garde exhibitions and performance art pieces, but with little direction and a sheltered worldview.


We are proud of the stunning pieces we have created in personal yards and public parks.