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Cousin dating your ex

What they care about is keeping you on the sidelines. Should your ex agree to a get-together, the event will be on their terms.They will not make any serious sacrifices to see you.Please advise…I have been dating this guy for almost a year now and the journey has been great.I told him I wanted us to have some ‘alone time’ and he said she was here to visit and that he didn’t want to make it miserable for her so we would plan something after she left! I have now resorted to turning down any plans to hang out for my own sanity’s sake and what is shocking is that my boyfriend didn’t even show the slightest concern. Either she is not really his cousin or if she is, then the problem is much sicker than I thought. Samantha I would advise you to talk to your boyfriend about your fears.Talk to him, communication is essential in any relationship.

But if these signs are pretty typical of your "relationship," it may be time to cut the connection altogether.

They are more likely to tell you that you are welcome to come along to an event they have already decided they are going to. Even if you have had sex when you've met up, they don't act especially affectionate, seductive, or flirtatious toward you—in fact, the affection they direct toward you is rather sparse (or nonexistent) compared to the affection they show others they are seeing or are interested in.

From the outside, it might look like you are just old pals.

I’m not surprised that, as most if not all women, you love attention which seems to be your biggest problem.

The fact that your boyfriend and his cousin are close and he tends to give her a lot of attention bothers you a lot to the extent that it is about to ruin your relationship says so. The fact that your boyfriend is willing to have you around in her presence should be an indication that there’s nothing to hide.

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