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Other banks may extend the same pleasantness to you if you debate it with them.They are not required to do so, but asking does not hurt.Is there ever an opportunity you will not have to pay back your student loans? Depending on the kind of student loan you have and when you got it, you could be ready to cancel all or a little of your loan under one of the following circumstances:* The previous student for whom the loan was taken has kicked the bucket. * Your school closed before you might complete your program of study.* Your college falsely certified that you were suitable for a student loan. Military ( partial cancellation for Perkins loans only).* You left school and were entitled to a refund but never received the money. of Education-approved college serving low-income students or in delegated teacher shortage areas ( other kinds of teacher cancellations are available for Perkins loans ). * You're a full time employee of a public or nonprofit agency providing services to low-income, high-risk children and their families ( Perkins loans only).* You're a full-time nurse or medical technician ( Perkins loans only).We need board members who will not be afraid to act in the best interests of our students, their teachers, and the community as a whole.

A community survey was conducted by an outside firm, and results were presented over the summer.

This debt is being paid back out of the annual operating budget, limiting the money available for instruction, staff compensation, building maintenance, and other necessary expenses to keep our schools running effectively.

The district has been using reserve funds to cover the structural deficit, but that money is running out.

Doing so will help lessen any surptises in the future.

Parents simply make student schedule changes via their mobile app instead of sending notes, emails and voicemails.

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Since then the board has been exploring the same few options, including closing an elementary school and consolidating the secondary schools into one middle school, which would include grades 6, 7, and 8, and one high school, for grades 9-12.