Consolidating audio files logic

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Consolidating audio files logic

If your project contains files that are not in the correct sub-folders within the project folder, you can use the Consolidate command to automatically organize them into the standardized project file structure.EXS instruments created via a Re Cycle import are placed in a Sampler Instruments/Re Cycle sub-folder of the project folder.All audio data generated by a Re Cycle import is placed in the Re Cycle Audio folder, alongside the project file.All Tracks as Audio File but the result is 11 audio files with different lengths.

By using Bounce, you would be gaining nothing except extra work, because you would have to do it separately for each file you wanted to produce.It would accomplish nothing other than waste disk space if Logic appended silence to the end of each file in order to make each track the same length.The different lengths you see mean nothing because the absence of appended silence means nothing. And that silence is accounted for in your exported files, when the silence appears at the beginning of the track, and when it appears during the track.What's important is that they all start at bar 1, and will align properly when imported into some other program.So all you need is the command you already used: File All Tracks as Audio Files.

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Assuming that's accurate, my suspicion is that he's not running Logic 8, either.

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