Carbon dating brockley theatre

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Carbon dating brockley theatre

Without any true depth of character or subtext, the piece becomes a succession of scenes that hovers between play and comedy night.

On the other hand, the play’s shortcomings allow for a focus on performance, and the company rises to the occasion.

Read More » Ron Elisha Directed by John Fricker★★★ Pros: A well-polished production featuring quick-wit and down-to-earth sketches from the frontlines of first dates.

Cons: Low stakes and a weak point of view create a sketch comedy feel, so the show lacks real weight.

Pros: Subtlety, hilarity and tragedy in equal measure Cons: Restatement of character qualities becomes repetitive in just a few places, but that’s it Based on a tidbit of information that philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein spent a period pushing trolleys at Guy’s Hospital during the Second World War, writer Ron Elisha weaves a rich narrative that, in just over an hour, explores philosophy, language, literature, religion, and an intriguing relationship between an Austrian ex-professor and an illiterate Cockney amputee.

The performance took at Omnibus Theatre, and the ...

Before entering the auditorium, spectators are enjoined to announce their dating status with stickers of different colours.

The play goes off to a great start, featuring audience involvement, an intriguing stage design and dynamic directing; unfortunately, it struggles to live up to expectations as the play goes on.

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Each personality is so vivid as to become instantly recognisable, and to create anticipation for the next encounter.

All in all, with its uneven directing, simplistic characters and outdated representation of dating, Carbon Dating never fulfils its true potential, but its cast still succeeds in showing their audience a good time.

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Whether it’s cringing in the memory of, or laughing at the pains of others' first dating disasters, this new comedy from award winning Australian writer Ron Elisha, offers a great premise.