Browning hi power serial number dating

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Browning hi power serial number dating

The owner allowed me to inspect internals for matching numbers, and then it came home with me. 45 ACP and serial numbers that begin with a The first they made had “COLT AUT PISTOL M/1912” on the slides and then at S/N This pistol was manufactured fairly early in the production cycle with 1939 production serial numbers stopping at approximately 49,400. It is currently being held on bail for the next month while these stupid 30 days pass. Due to its manufacture location, the pistol came to be recognized as the "Pistolet Radom wz. my papa gave this pistol today and i was wondering what year it was made in it has nazi symbols next to the pat numb and 77 and others all round the gun i was looking for the value and year. 35 constructed by eminent engineers – Piotr Wilniewczyc and Jan Skrzypiński.VIS Radom is the first comprehensive collector's book aimed at detailing all variants of the VIS pistol. History, Take down, and Shooting the Polish Radom P35 VIS Pistol with the Old Gunsmith. On this page I like to show you my private pieces concerning this topic.

35 East German Police Pistol - posted in NATIONALE VOLKSARMEE (1956-1990): Gents, Here is a circa 1950 F. Nazi proofmarks are all over this pistol, also has the cut for the shoulder stock as well. The VIS pistol is a single-action, hammer-fired, locked Generally, the wartime Vis were of much lower quality than the original, and further degrading towards the end of the war. Official Weapon - 1984 – Olympic Games - shown with Chief Of Police John Barber’s badge which is inscribed to me on reverse – This is the only of 20 pistols marked to commemorate this event – there is also one PM-12S sub machine gun of 4 used which is marked in the same manner.

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in it we found a P35 with serial number D63xx, take down latch, decocker, but no stock slot?

Parts and assemblies are discussed and illustrated in detail. Action Type: Single Action Semi Auto with The Vis wz. The pistol pictured was made in 1942, and bears the appropriate German markings.

I have a dilemma, I just took possession of a Radom Vis 35 P35(p) according to the description; take down latch, decocker, slot for extended stock, it has the waffenamps marking, Wa A77. William York's analytical approach investigates the origins of the pistol and reveals some new conclusions about what influenced the pistol's designers.

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This firearm may be viewed on Tuesday or Thursday from 9am to 3pm. Still, any Radom VIS 35 pistol collection would not be complete without one of these Russian captured pieces in it. Today I am visiting Simpson Ltd in Galesburg, Illinois - a gun shop, import/export shop, and premier Luger dealer. Accessories PPSH 41 I just received my Radom VIS P-35 today and thought I'd share a couple pics.

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