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The researchers' computer simulations revealed that these differences in muscle characteristics increase the maximum dynamic force and power-producing capacity of chimpanzees by a factor of 1.35 compared to humans.

The price of that power, though, is that chimps and other apes tire more easily and cannot walk great distances to find food — or, for that matter, to find new lands and make new discoveries.

[6 Strange Things the Government Knows About Your Body]However, human skeletal muscles differ in fiber length and protein composition, the study found.

Chimp muscles contain a balanced mixed of three variants of a protein called MHC: I, IIa and IId.

One particular chimpanzee, named Suzette, supposedly pulled 1,260 lbs.(572 kg) in a fit of rage, which was nearly 10 times her body weight, although no other study has recorded anything close to that show of strength.

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Then, the group compared the skeletal muscles under a microscope."One of the advantages of our approach is that we avoid all the complexities involved in trying to elicit maximal performance from a chimpanzee of unknown motivation or interest, and instead gets right to the measurement of the muscle tissue," O'Neill told Live Science.

The researchers found that the so-called contractile properties of human and chimpanzee skeletal muscle fibers — that is, how muscle fibers pull two joints together to enable the body to lift or move — are similar.

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