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Posted by / 19-Nov-2019 22:20

PIX is an unconventional product from an unconventional lifestyle company called Xenofreaks Inc.

Oh Mi Bod is committed to bringing these benefits to singles and couples alike.If you're still a bit shy, you can text message your "match."The disadvantages as far as we can see are that the profiles are very simplistic and don't offer the depth required for any really sophisticated computer-mediated matching as offered by many of the mainstream dating sites.This is likely to lead to some level of disappointment and could lead to embarrassing situations where you're suddenly confronted with an ardent new suitor who you're not so keen on.There may well be 1.7 billion mobile phone users in the world, but it's the number of compatible Proxidating users that counts, and right now there aren't many.It's sort of like having the first telephone - very cool, but there's no-one to call.

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The Proxidating software is now available in a dozen languages and is being released in 20 countries, highlighting the lofty ambitions of developer Kangourouge.