Battlefield vietnam stats not updating

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Due to the fact that a headshot is relatively difficult to achieve and a body shot will not one-shot kill along with the slow fire rate, it can be difficult to achieve kills.

A common and effective strategy is the One Two tactic, where a player hits a target with the Type 98 and switches to the Type 14 Nambu to finish off the enemy.

It has high damage, but can only guarantee a one-shot kill against a target with over 20hp (eight pips of health in the HUD) if it is a headshot - otherwise the K98K kills in two body shots or three leg shots.

The weapon is not affected by damage drop-off at range and has high accuracy, factors which bolster capabilities at distance.

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I was at 6650 to start and should be at 6678 but game still says 6650?

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The K98Sniper is a variant of the K98K, issued to the Sniper kit of the Axis with the exception of the German Elite Forces, who use the Gewehr 43 ZF4. It has similar properties as the K98K, but with a slightly lower rate of fire and spread penalties when moving, double the bullet velocity and a larger amount of zoom. In Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome, a bayonet is mounted on the non-scoped K98K, replacing the combat knife.

When firing scoped in, the player must unscope to work the bolt. In Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII, the K98K is issued to the German Elite Forces Engineer kit can be with the K98 Rifle Grenade, replacing the Exp Packs.

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Both stats are not updating and i am pretty sure that goes fot all the other stats....

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