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Ashley parker angel dating now

Shortly thereafter, he competed in the Kelly Slater Celebrity Surf Invitational, in which he had another severe injury, this time a foot laceration.In May 2006, his solo album Soundtrack to Your Life was released, debuting at #5 on Billboard and receiving many positive reviews.(the show's concept and title have since been adopted by P. Ratings were strong, and as a result O-Town quickly achieved success; by the end of the first season, the group had inked a record deal with music legend Clive Davis and became the debut act for Davis' new label J Records.The group won the 2001 Teen Choice Award for Breakthrough Artist.

During his teenage years, Ashley also worked the game help phone lines at Working Designs, and as a lifeguard at both a local water park and Whiskeytown Lake. While there, with each transaction, he would sweet-talk customers into filling out the feedback card he included with their purchase and asked them to mention him if they felt he did a good job.Billboard's review called it "great melodic rock ...falling somewhere between the earnest balladeering of the Goo Goo Dolls and the driving rock of the All American Rejects." The first single release, "Let U Go," was a hit; its video spent weeks at #1 on MTV's TRL and the single had the third-highest-selling debut of 2006.This tactic resulted in his ascent to the position as top employee in the entire store chain based on customer feedback.Always drawn to performing, at 16 he signed with a small talent agency in his hometown and began searching for opportunities to work in entertainment.

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From a very early age, Ashley studied the piano, as his mother Paula was a successful piano teacher with many students of her own. In one incident, at the age of nine he inadvertently set fire to his elementary school's football and soccer fields due to the explosion of a model rocket he had launched on school property; local police charged him with a misdemeanor.