Anime dating sex sim

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Katawa Shoujo is surprisingly well written and well put together.

One of the only choose your own adventure style games I have actually gone through multiple times.

Well, technically neko para and minecraft: true love are call are called erotice games(eroge).

They can still be called games or visual novels, however eroge is the category they are put into. Im not entirely sure about huniepop because I haven't played it yet though haha.

Word of warning, though; it may be a bit hard to find.

You are trying to find a game made only for japanese PCs in the mid 90's after all.

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Rin's in particular has some simply amazingly powerful scenes.If you play YMK, don't start with Aeka's route.edit: Added a link to the RE: Alistair site. Princess Waltz is pretty awesome in terms of story and characters, but it doesn't have much in the way of player input (outside of its surprisingly fun card-based battle system).Not for the homophobic, though, as the main relationship is not the straightest thing you'll ever see.Still a rookie in VNs and story based games though, any good ones to recommend to start? You will always be able to play your favorite games on Kongregate.

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