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(Tarantino has confirmed this.) Tamblyn wanted Tarantino to face the woman who had spoken to Weinstein’s alleged victims while reporting the story.

“I felt like that was a really important full circle that he needed to come to.” As a result of her guidance, Tarantino issued a statement on Weinstein through Tamblyn’s social media.

Later, through the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movies, she harnessed the potent nostalgia of young women who came of age in the ’00s.

And if you rub Tamblyn the wrong way— say, by buying into centuries-old misogynistic ideals — she’ll confront you, head-on, in her own way.Three weeks before the New York Times' Weinstein story went live, Tamblyn replied to a tweet about the actor James Woods after actor Armie Hammer had gotten into a tiff with him on Twitter.Woods had denounced the age difference in the queer romance Call Me by Your Name and hashtagged the tweet #NAMBLA, in reference to the North American Man/Boy Love Association that works to abolish age of consent laws.Specifically, it entered the conversation when Tamblyn brought up how poetry sustained her through life as a child star.“People always ask me how much acting has informed my activism, or my artistry, or my filmmaking, or my writing,” she said.

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“I thought, I know Armie, so I opened it and looked at the chain,” Tamblyn told me.