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Recent scholarship on time and space in Cicero alludes to such aspects of his self-fashioning and anxieties, most notably Vasaly (1993) and Ker (2007), but the creation of parallel time-scapes via Cicero’s linguistic manipulation of events has been little explored to date.

This paper considers three elements of time-space manipulation within the text and how this reflects Cicero’s anxieties and his attempts at self-fashioning a more triumphal narrative at a time of uncertainty.

In the Life of Coriolanus, the speeches of his mother Volumnia take pride of place as an extended section of first person discourse, indeed one of the longest speeches of any kind in the Parallel Lives.

If we take the earlier versions of her speech in Livy and Dionysius of Halicarnassus as discursive representations of a particular tradition, we can try to understand from what social and literary models Plutarch constructed his speech and how in modifying her characterisation, he is able to rewrite her tradition.

In these episodes, Plutarch incorporates Greek tragic models and Roman cultural ideals in order to present female action and direct discourse as a dramatic articulation of the importance of sophrosyne and paideia for both the statesman and state.

These opinions are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

A close reading of these texts therefore offers a complex view of how Plutarch regarded gender, culture and identity under the rule of the Roman Empire.

Chapter One analyses the public intercessions of Hersilia in the Life of Romulus and Volumnia in the Life of Coriolanus.

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