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PRAISE FORSelf-Portrait with Housewife Welcome a bright new poet to the world!

Jennifer Saunders romances the uncanny as she unveils the pleasures and the restlessness of that sometimes nesting bird—the housewife.

—Marvin Bell Jim Natal is the author of five poetry collections, most recently Spare Room: Haibun Variations and 52 Views: The Haibun Variations, both written entirely in an intimate updating of the Japanese haibun forma blending of prose and haiku-like short poemsdating back to haiku master Basho in the late 1600s.

—Sandra Alcosser, A Fish to Feed All Hunger and Except by Nature The charming poems of Jennifer Saunders' debut collection are a joy to readlaced with smart observations about our domestic lives and almost humble self-realizations.

Page by page, Natal extends the range of the haibun, his topics richly contemporary.

Each prose passage, eloquently bagging the particulars of this American life, is then transmuted by the cool snap of a haiku rooted in universal nature.

I have thought long and hard about organizing this book in some sort of order. My work covers everything from cats to shelf paper, the great outdoors, work, sport, relationships and cancer.

I have thrown in some political points and some random thoughts.

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Some I have categorized as "way out there." I'm sure the discerning reader will be able to figure out "which is what." Bear with me and enjoy!

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