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Finally when I turned 20, it finally came to a head. You remember that girl I've been telling you about lately? An empty Captain Morgan bottle sat next to her and it was surrounded by several R/C cola cans. But when I turned the key in the ignition and the V-8 engine roared to life, freedom was mine. I jumped out of the car in record time, but Hannah had removed her panties even faster.

I had met a really nice girl at my local college and mom was sabotaging everything. She was comatose asleep and probably wouldn't awake until noon tomorrow. My 2007 Metallic blue Chevy Monte Carlo SS waited for me. I flicked the car into reverse and raced away as fast as I could..... She walked sultrily to a table nearby and bent over. It's a really nice one at 8 inches long with a 6 inch girth.

They were married just days after they turned eighteen and actually walked down the aisle together at high school graduation. It helped that the town they lived in was ridiculously small so it was somewhat of an extended-family affair. Much to their parents' dismay, they apparently packed up everything in a night and flew to Chicago. They had me and my sister Heidi in rapid succession. My sister was a twelve-hour labor and I just wouldn't go through. It was the very last option, but my mother still hated the idea.

She'd been self-conscious about her looks since middle school and that hadn't changed at all in the years following.

So the huge scar they left was a massive blow to her ego.

Now this truely amazing device brings you a closes relationship with the girl/man you are viewing on cam.We sank into a sea of moans, grunts, and slapping of my large balls. I'd lost count of how many times she had cum, but this time it was different. Believe it or not, a coyote in the distance returned the call. I didn't know until much later, but we had had an audience while we had fucked like animals.Her pussy locked on my cock so hard that my cock couldn't move, but it did do one thing that I'd hoped it wouldn't do. Despite it feeling really good, I didn't want her mad at me, but I literally couldn't pull out. Amazingly, after we both came off the highs of our orgasms, Hannah pulled off my cock and quickly turned around and hugged me. Apparently my mom hadn't been drunk at all, but simply had faked the breath and behavior of a drunk.The figure strode up to the side of my car and leaned against my open window. She was wearing nothing but a small, white tube top and a white thong as well. "Be careful Matty." She wiggled her ass a little and suddenly my cock's head popped in. She felt like a tunnel made of silk that pulled on my cock like a suction cup.It just seemed to suck more and more of my dick in without much input from me. As we started to fuck really good, I lost all track of time. I'd had some fucks before, but I couldn't believe how good Hannah felt. I was thinking in my head, oh boy, this is gonna be a long night.

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Mom became a bitchy mountain of a woman who probably weighed close to 340 pounds!! He was practically set for life by the age of 35--an investment genius in every sense of the words. I walked away and slammed the door to my basement room.