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Advice dating for single mothers

The baby's dad skipped out on us as soon as he found out I was pregnant so there won't be any "drama" there.

The baby is only 7 weeks old so I'm obviously not ready to get out and start dating now but when I am, what should I expect?

My reasoning is that I'm not sure if I want kids yet and that would mean starting out with one before I even know if I'm going to stay around.

I also love kids and they love me so if a breakup would happen I wouldn't want the kid to be more heartbroken than they already are.24 here with a beautiful INSANE 2 year old daughter.

But my best friend treats that little girl like I treated my girls boy. Why would I invest time in you and help raise a kid that's not mine when I can find another girl without a kid to invest in? At 26, I still don't want kids for a few years.

You'll find a guy worth you and your daughters time. Only guys without options (read: desperate) would date you at our age. Sorry for being harsh but I'm not going to sugarcoat it. So it wouldn't make any sense for me to purposefully date someone who already has a kid that I could end up being responsible for.

I wouldn't because I couldn't commit to raising another persons child at this time.

I found out she had a kid after 2 dates and I was cool with it and I met the kid, well after I slept over 2 more dates later. I already feel like I failed my daughter because her dad left and I don't want to fail her gain by always putting guys before her or getting her attached to a guy and then him leaving too.On the other hand, I don't want to meet a guy that could potentially be great but chase him off by having absolutely no time for him.24 year old here.I honestly couldn't see myself dating a woman with a child for at least another few years.But now that I'm in my late 20s, finding a woman that's not a mother, especially in my area, is going to be tough. My best friend's girlfriend has a little girl who is misbehaved and very rude.I'm not nearly as fond of her as I was of my girls boy.

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