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During one of his stand-up performances at Philadelphia's Helium Comedy Club, Brandon Jackson tells the crowd he's from Delaware and interrupts them when they start to applaud. It's a small moment, but it's reflective of the performer's low-key, self-deprecating approach to comedy.

A University of Delaware graduate originally from Wilmington, Jackson has worked at a youth prison and as a teacher, two experiences he incorporates into his material onstage.

Some of our choices are on the cusp of breaking out nationally, while others seem perfectly content with making locals laugh in less populated areas.

Figuratively, that is -- though he could also do it literally, thanks to the three Arizona state boxing championships he's won."I need to be an advocate for other shy people and speak on their behalf because they can't do it for themselves," she quips in a taped performance for the .As an Avon resident, her first-ever show was all the way out in Los Angeles at The Improv, a stage where all the biggest names have performed.Unfortunately, we can only choose one worthy candidate from among this throng of hopeful stand-ups, and Marcella Arguello is more than worthy.She refuses to back away from what might generically be called "controversial" topics, but what we'll say are "regular, everyday subjects that affect all people" -- race, gender, sexuality, and so much more.

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Gregory calls his brand of humor "creepy comedy," and it doesn't take long to figure out why -- after a career in public motivational speaking saw him found a nonprofit that helped inspire children in public schools, he says he "grew weary of stupid kids," which tells you all you need to know.

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