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On this topic, the says: “When makeup assignments are required, they should be given to bless and not punish the student.

Specific assignments are determined by the teacher and should generally be related to the work missed.

I decided to leave the city and take a sabbatical from office life.

When I asked to work remotely, I was surprised that they accepted.

And the thing about most jobs is that you are expected to arrive at a certain time no matter how much you slept the night before. So even though I didn’t know that I would benefit from accommodations, I still got them.

I had low and inconsistent energy levels as a kid, I was completely knocked out by mono in high school, and I was physically incapable of pulling all nighters during college and grad school. After grad school I got a job as the first employee at a digital marketing startup.The following information will help you ponder how you might help with each of the graduation requirements.Accommodations for students who cannot meet the attendance requirement are varied and are up to the individual teacher as he or she seeks the guidance of the spirit.I had been to plenty of doctors about my vague fatigue and pain symptoms, but none of them had found anything wrong.Since just about everybody else worked sitting at a desk all day, I didn’t know how to ask my employers for something different without looking lazy.

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