17 year old boy dating 13 year old girl simgirl dating rpg game

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17 year old boy dating 13 year old girl

Until yesterday my husband and I had no idea our 14-year-old daughter was interested in boys. My guess is that you have indeed set a good example.My daughter usually picks up the mail on her way home from the bus stop, but my husband and I took an afternoon walk and decided to pick up the mail ourselves. Until yesterday I believed that we set a good example for our children. Your daughter's interest in boys and her keeping this relationship secret from you are very normal behaviors.You may now see our list and photos of women who are in your area and meet your preferences.

Try to remember what it was like to be her age before you begin these talks.

I wouldn't want to out the other kid on the specific relationship..I would want to make sure the other parents are comfortable with it.

I think that a call between parents is in order...maybe just a quick, "Hi, I think our kids are becoming good friends and I think we should be on the same page." You don't even have to say they're dating, but if I were uncomfortable with a pairing (I haven't been so far) with my teen...

If your daughter has had no prior boyfriends or flattering attention from boys, she may be very reluctant to give up this relationship, despite the age difference and logical explanations why it's not a great idea.

I would also guess she is aware of your fear that she'll repeat the mistakes of your youth.

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Find out (I guarantee it's above 13) and make sure your son knows how serious underage sex is these days. But as long as her parents are ok with it, I would let it go.

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