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Her work forges conventional and ‘next-age’ thinking into principles and paradigms of high integrity and power.

I shall always be grateful to her for opening the door to my greater-yet-to-be…

She embodies that rare combination of competence, compassion and deep insight that can actually cause things to happen in other people’s lives.

She is a true master and I am inspired by her very presence.”“Katherine Woodward Thomas is a master teacher, who inspired and guided me to see myself as worthy of love.

Learn what it will require of you to “call in” and create a conscious union that is beyond your wildest imaginings.And by consciously releasing these inner barriers to love, I became truly available to create a loving, committed, romantic partnership–for the very first time in my adult life.I did this by starting each day with a specific practice that allowed me to continue aligning my consciousness with a future of love fulfilled.Before this moment, I had so longed for a healthy, committed partnership with a man whom I could love and respect that I hadn’t even considered that I might actually be covertly working against myself and even unconsciously invested in being alone.In finally looking within to discover myself as the source of my painful relational patterns and in asking myself questions that helped me see the many ways that I was actually unavailable to love, I began to clearly see the subtle yet pervasive ways I was unknowingly keeping it at bay.

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Within weeks, I found myself frequently thinking of a man I’d dated six years earlier who I thought of as “the one that got away.” Strangely enough, though I’d not seen him in all that time, when attending services at a church I’d gone to for 10 years—there he was across the parking lot!

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